Date Topic Presenter Materials
2019-11-08 Domain-based Pair Natural Orbitals for Excited States Using the Similarity Transformed Equation of Motion Formalism Róbert Izsák slides
2019-11-06 Quantum mechanical free energy calculations using path integral molecular dynamics Kevin Bishop slides
2019-11-06 Universality class of the phase transition in dipolar linear rotor chains Dmitri Iouchtchenko slides
2019-11-06 Cost-efficient normal-order and Wick's theorem based many body approach for thermal properties and quantum dynamics for both electronic and vibronic problems Songhao Bao slides
2019-11-06 Compact Coulomb integrals using short-range real-space and long-range Fourier representations Mike Lecours slides
Date Topic Presenter Materials
2017-06-16 Explanation of Centroid Dynamics Lindsay Orr
2017-05-05 Quantum correlations in molecular rotor systems Thomas Halverson slides
2017-04-21 Confined Quantum Molecule Degrees of Freedom: Symmetry-breaking in H2@C60 Endofullerene Jianying Sheng slides
2017-04-07 Benchmark of Model Magnetic Systems Siyuan Wu slides
2017-02-24 Local Pair Natural Orbital Variant of Mukherjee's Multireference Coupled Cluster Method Ondřej Demel
2017-02-03 Second Order Classical Perturbation Theory For The Sticking Probability Of Heavy Atoms Scattered On Surfaces Tapas Sahoo slides
2017-01-27 Theoretical study of methane containing molecular pairs Yulia Kalugina slides
2017-01-13 Entanglement in superfluid helium-4: a window into quantum information in matter Chris Herdman
Date Topic Presenter Materials
2016-12-21 Transition State Searching with Vibronic Model Xiaotian Chen slides
2016-12-16 Benchmark of Model Magnetic Systems Piaoyu Hu
2016-11-25 Entanglement in superfluids Chris Herdman
2016-11-18 Quantum free energy calculations using path integral molecular dynamics Kevin Bishop slides
2016-11-11 Ergodicity in Path Integral Simulations Matthew Schmidt slides
2016-10-28 Modelling of Potential Energy Surfaces for Chemical Reactions using Vibronic Models Prateek Goel
2016-10-21 Simulating experimental error with the Bose-Hubbard model Dmitri Iouchtchenko notes
2016-09-30 Thermodynamic Properties of Nonadiabatic Systems Neil Raymond slides
2016-09-23 Exact Quantum Dynamics Calculations of Large Dimensional Molecules using Phase Space Basis Truncation Thomas Halverson slides